Hello everyone,

In February 2022, MIACO was born out of my passion for fashion and my desire to make elegant clothing accessible to all young women in the United Kingdom. Since early 2023, I have been sharing my love for women's fashion on Instagram, and my account quickly gained popularity. Inspired by this success, I decided to turn my dream into reality by opening my own online shop.

As a graduate of the University of Westminster in London, I have always wanted to offer trendy clothing without the high price tag often associated with quality fashion. At MIACO, we place great emphasis on quality and local production. All our pieces are made in a small workshop on the outskirts of London, allowing us to guarantee meticulous attention to detail.

We are proud to offer our collections not only in the UK but also internationally. Whether you are in Canada, Australia, the USA, or our home country, you can enjoy our high-quality garments designed to meet the needs of the modern woman while upholding values of sustainability and accessibility.

At MIACO, we believe that fashion should allow you to express your individuality without compromising your budget. Browse our range of trendy clothing and discover how we make fashion accessible to all women.

With our best regards,

Mia Ford 🤍